Human Vases

We are like vases, Whatever is poured by every person is what stays like an eternal impression. But, when it overflows, then comes a time to take a turn, then comes a time to stop the flow.

Some people fill us with sweet fresh juices that are better for our health, some pour plain water thats tasteless but detoxifies our body, some pour energy drinks that pleasure us for awhile but then the effect goes away, some pour poisonous wine that slowly kills us.

People say we can change others but we cant change the nature of their drink!! Somewhere deep down in their hearts they will remember their true nature and will eventually return to being who they are.

So, its important to differentiate what’s being poured into us by whom. That means “know others.” And its of greater importance to know what we are pouring into others that they are that way. That means “know yourself.”

I would suggest you to judge yourself before you judge others. It will improve your powers to discern, understand, evaluate, and have patience towards others.

And maybe wines or energy drink can be opted to be kicked out of life to save your valuable time 💕

Samina Fazal


The Thief

You know what I lost?

You know what you stole?

Not the material treasures

You could’ve asked God for that

But maybe you didnt have faith in Him

You had more faith in riches of a man.

You stole the tree shade

That nurses and nourishes a child

Past thick and thin of life

That helps the child learn to climb

The ladder of life withour fear

That provides sweet fruits for the good

You stole my right to learn and grow happy

You stole my faith in men of power

You stole my innocence before time

You stole that shade I lived beneath

You stole that fearless tread through life

You stole those fruits I deserved for the good

But I am happy that I learned not to depend

I am happy that I learned not to get bribed

I am happy that I learned not to trust riches and men

I am happy that I learned not to be so good

Because there’s so much bad in the world.

Samy’s Spark of Imaginations

My Garden Green

Have you seen my garden green,

Where smiles blossomed everyday

Where freedom fluttered on every rose

Where giggles and chirps sounded same

You must have not or you might

Were you jealous of my garden green?

It was destroyed years ago

I never could save a single flower

Oh! futile efforts to water the wilting ones,

Oh! Useless chase for the leaving freedom,

In the midst of chaos did I sit all alone

There came a vision of happyness on the horizon

Years passed by and the illusion kept fading

I kept dying of the thirst for your love

None could see beyond the pretty happy mask

I walked past days in hope for a hope

You did not lend me a hand in my grief

What happy gardens you think to build?

When I died, where have you been?

Oh! Its a blame game to crush this feeble self

Why did you mow my garden green?

Why did you swept away the blossom?

Why did you fear away freedom wings?

Now I see no hope no escape no hope.!

Samy’s Spark of Imaginations

Shell Within a Shell/ Breaking Through

In the shell within the shell

Engaged in another shell

Aging into a larger being

Growing and developing

To break the shell,

Breaking the shell,

Feeling the freedom

yet bound in another shell

Growing and developing

To break another shell,

Breaking the shell

Feeling the remorse

For losing it all

And entering into

One more shell

Choking and fighting

Growing and developing

To break the shell

Breaking the shell

Feeling the freedom

But opening my eyes

To yet another shell

Tired and Lost

Within the last shell

No more strength to

Grow and develop

To break another shell

Dying and taking the last breath

To enter the last

And endless shell

-Samy’s Spark of Imaginations


So you dug my grave four years ago,

So you knew when I would go,

Would you be happy to bury me

There in the darkest hole of existence?

Would you still consider me alive

There in the million insects habitat?

Would you send me some prayers

Or have a hallelujah at the tomb?

My name getting encrypted forever

For the rest of my lifeless body.

We Only Live Once

If only we lived life as its our last,

If only we loved as if its the end,

If only we valued our assets as

They are remaining ones,

If only we smiled through pain as

Its not going to last forever

But we think the opposite of it

We play safe and try hard to survive

We fear to take risks and see beyond bounds

We never step out so we never win

Its the game of life that equals losing

Losing it all to have it all for an eternity

Samy’s Spark of Imaginations

Love, Inspire & Hope