Emotional Intelligence


Your EQ determines your success in life as much as your appearance. It makes an essential part of your personality and a successful life.

When thoughts and ideas storm your little bubble head, dip the tip of your pen into some ink and begin making impressions. The journey may take you away from where you are right then. Don’t fear; just let it flow and when you are done, relax. Relax for awhile.

After sometime rather some days, when things become hazy, get back to that recent writing and be ready for all the revelations.

  1. You will learn what you can and cannot do.
  2. You will understand where you let loose your emotions.
  3. You will learn how your mind works.

But dont fret, because things can be abit easy for you to change now. As you are now aware of yourself and your actions, you can plan out your course to changing your life and ultimately your destiny.

You have already taken the first step. When you are done with self-awareness and self-consciousness. Voila!! You have become Emotionally Intelligent. 

-Samy’s Spark of Imaginations


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