Mind Control Through Yoga

“To perform to unite” is what defines yoga in its traditional purpose of practice.”

 Yoga is analogical to Sufi dance practice with the aspiration of achievement of oneness with the self, the aura and God. They come with the effort to concentrate at the center and forget about one’s existence to reach for the higher world. Although former does it through immobility and later through circular movements.

That is one perspective to it; Yoga comes with myriad of posture and positions with primary goal to gain focus of one’s self through mind control. This has gained fame in 1980’s in the western world. Science has been doing research on beneficial effects of these slow movements, stretches and body postures. They have been proved to be helping in psychological as well as bodily health. It cures not only externally but internally. It comes with a package of gifts in the hectic yet busy lives of modern world human species. ADHD, Autism, cancer, depression, respiratory disorders, heart ailments, digestion problems, arthritis, bone and muscle weaknesses have now got one potent curative remedy of yoga. Yoga’s growing importance is because of its diverse therapeutic effects.

These stretches are painful at first because of rigidity of long deteriorating stagnated body, but gradually flexibility is enhanced and expansion in one’s ability to have control over mind and body is achieved without any kind of pain. Rather it helps fight back aches and other kinds of pain with which most people are usually dealing with currently. With higher blood circulation level, this physical exercise helps in faster brain activity followed by better awareness of the surroundings.

Why mind control is important:

Mind control is one milestone that is highly recommended in all self-help books that deal with changing our lives by expanding our psychic dimensions. Everyone takes different amount of time and effort to attain control of psyche and mental processes. Only this mind makes man to excel all other non-human creation of God and be referred to as complex entity. In yoga, mind control is practiced to enhance focus and attention through deep breathing, awareness of whole internal as well as external existence, relaxation of all muscles and control over one’s body.

Effects of mind control:

  • With mind control, Yoga helps in expanding mental serenity and creates peaceful aura on the inside. This relaxes mind and body which fixes sleep disorders, insomnia, stress, depression, and migraines etc. Mind control comes with better focus and involvement in anything you do.

  • It cures ADHD resulting in increased attention spans.

  • It aids in autism with its emotional insensitivity and rigidity.

  • With mind control one can rein one’s thinking processes shifting it towards positivity. It thus helps fight anger, fatigue, frustration and other most common mental illnesses. Positivity also helps in boosting one’s energy as it gets saved from psychic ailments. It thus helps in building better personal and professional relationships.

  • Mind control helps to create an aura of peace and they have the key of their tranquility only in their own hands.

  • Better focus and mind control help in boosting self confidence.

All this helps in improved emotional, creative and cognitive intelligences.

Yoga with its powerful metanoia through mind control helps one to be aware of one’s potential through positivity, quietude, composure, form and pattern and a better hold of the real world.


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